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Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

Our Story

Muhurtaz Is Your Khushiyon Ka Planner!

Since 2016, Muhurtaz is an Event and Wedding Planning Academy offering classroom Courses, E-Learning Programs, Workshops, Trainings etc.

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Muhurtaz was founded in the year 2009 by Gouratish Kashyap, The CEO and Founder of Muhurtaz . It initially provided consultancy services to the clients.In 2013, Our Company,Muhurtaz Celebrations, with the vision to spread happiness & smiles by doing joyous events, was established in Pune.

More About Us

Ever since then, We haven’t looked back and have successfully managed to handle big Social, Corporate, and Laser Events and has come a long way now.

This journey has been like a roller coaster ride for us. It has gone through its Ups and Downs. Now We serve customers worldwide and are thrilled that we are able to grow so much and turn our dream into  reality.

Over time, we have expanded our company and became successful in covering all aspects of services that  can be provided in the Events Industry.

Since 2016, Now we are not just limited to do the Consultancy, Social, Corporate and Laser events but we have also developed our Event and Wedding Academy wherein we provide educational courses, training, workshops, seminars, etc. to the students who want to build their career in the Event Management Industry. In the beginning, We began with just two courses- Basic Course and Advanced Course but with time, We introduced many different courses with different packages.

Our Vision

 Muhurtaz uniqueness lies in the way we plan our events, in a customized, concept-based, and thoughtful way that will add great value in the lives of people that will be evident by their smiling faces and appreciation. We believe in turning the clients  Ideas into Actions and Expectations  into Reality.

The Brand name Muhurtaz is not just a name, it is so much more.     The meaning has been derived from an ancient word, Shubha Muhurtham, which means an auspicious time for doing good things in the family, like events, weddings, family functions, business startups, etc but with the added meaning Muhurtaz means “The Mother of Special Events or Times”. The vision behind this name is to act and take care of your special times just like a mother takes care of a child with all her Love and Support.

The Crimson Red font color in the logo of  Muhurutaz  symbolizes happiness and celebration and is associated with royalty, nobility, and high social standing.

The multi-colored flower in the logo of Muhurtaz symbolizes the multi-service policy of the company where we cover all the verticals of Event Management like shop, services, education, etc. i.e.    Muhurtaz work as a Multi-Vertical Entity in this Event Industry.

We aim to expand this Industry by sharing our knowledge and wisdom among the people who want to start their career in this Industry.

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